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Dependable Construction Equipment Rental

C&C Rentals in Fort Payne, AL provides construction equipment rental and retail services from the industry’s leading brands.

Rental Equipment

Browse through our extensive list of rental equipment for all your construction requirements.

Saws, Jackhammers, and Drills

Compressors and Blowers

Mowers, Trenchers, Trimmers, and Tillers

Lifts, Mixers, and Tractors

Skid Steers

Generators and Floor Equipment

Other Equipment

Items for Sale

We carry various equipment and accessories for your construction needs. Apart from the brand names listed below, we also have construction equipment from BonTool Company and Kraft Tool Company.

Bad Boy
Mowers, Parts, and Accessories


Marshall Town

Frequently Asked Questions

We make it a point to answer any inquiries that customers may have about our services. Read our FAQ below or contact us if you have additional questions.

Do you only allow daylong rentals?
We have flexible options for your specific needs. You can rent our equipment for half a day, a week, or even a month.

Are there hour restrictions on any of the equipment?
Restrictions are only applied on machines with hour readings such as Bobcats, backhoes, trenchers, and the like.

Do you deliver?
Yes, we have a delivery service that covers the whole state of AL. The fee is determined by the travel time and location.

Do you rent out scaffolds?
Yes, you can rent scaffolds by the month.

Do you do financing on the mowers that you sell?
We do not do in-house financing. However, you can check out the website of our manufacturer, Bad Boy, which has a financing option.

Do you service equipment?
Yes, we service numerous types of equipment depending on the brand. Just give us a call so that we can assist you.

What do I need to have to rent equipment?
You need to bring your driver’s license and any other ID. The payment of a rental fee is also required.

From tractors to mowers, we have everything you need for your next construction project. Call us at 256-845-9275 for details or to request an estimate.